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Doesn’t work

When I first login it seems great. But then when I close the app and try to reopen it, it just gives me an error message that says “error” and displays nothing else. I would love to use this if it actually worked.

Great Online Service, Dissapointing App

Love servicedesk+ online, but this app crashes all the time and has other random errors. Would love it if they could get the app to be stable, since it is essential for our field techs, but very unreliable at times.


Everything about Servicedesk is great. Started with the free trial. Now we have a 10 tech license. It’s never crashed once for me so far.


When adding assets the app unexpectedly quits when saving the assets on my IPhone 7, but works great on my IPad. Everything else seems to work fine.

Does not work

I downloaded and when I put my login info, it asks to send a verification email. It never sends the email. I've waited over an hour. Please fix this bug.

Was Better

I liked the app better before the UI change. It's harder to manipulate tickets with this one than it was. Also since this last update, the badges for a new ticket do not clear out if you mark all items as read using the website without opening the app on your iOS device. This was not the case previously.

Great new look

I love the new look of the UI, but when I reply to a request, the screen doesn't automatically scroll down as a type. So every time a line of text fills up in the message, I have to manually scroll the screen down to see what I'm typing. Other than that little bug, I think the updated version is great.

Worse every update

Literally gets worse every time please just stop. Now you have to go into conversations section just to see the reason the work order was put in in the first place. By default it only shows the last message which is always an auto reply from the system.

Nice Update!

The new UI is much improved and intuitive, glad to see this getting more attention. Great job. Would it be possible to include other areas of the SDPOnDemand suite though? Purchase? Contracts? Assets?

Not worth the download with local a local

I trailed SD using the hosted solution and the app makes it mostly great. I was rudely awakened to the crap that is this app once we installed the local version for our full implementation.

Useful but some design issues

Having an app to create tickets is very useful but there are very important things missing: -No sorting, search by date -New tickets are assigned randomly to a different technician than the one who is creating the ticket. -When creating a new ticket the is no way to feed the default required fields -Search options are very basic and limited Every time I create a ticket I have to edit it so I can feed the basic fields necessaries to be assigned to a technician, department and then the web link to fill out the default requires fields which create double work and a waste of time.

Great App

This app provides great visibility to both customer and technician. Manage Engine does a great job when it comes to providing at both levels. And on-demand is great wherever there is Internet. Some SD products refuse to make an app for the customer who is the ones who should also be able to use the app as well.

Too bad

Too bad it won't allow us to login to our local installation...

On premise installations not supported

Worthless until they support customer installations.

No Support for Local Installations

They go and release this really nice app, but neglect to support people who have local installations of SDP. We're spending over $15,000 a year for their product, and we get relegated to second-class status because we're not using their cloud version.


Simply another junk from manage engine

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